Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Chime Tower

I mentioned in yesterday's post that the chime tower at Longwood Gardens was truly one of my favorite spots there.

I remember countless times dragging either my sister or father up the long winding staircase. I remember a few times being inside when the chimes were ringing. Oh the ears!

So I'm revisiting some of the pictures that I took then.

The tower in the distance Posted by Hello

The tower by the lake Posted by Hello

Very gothic looking even in the bright sunshine. Posted by Hello

The tower and the waterfall. Posted by Hello

An upward view through the trees. Posted by Hello

My favorite shot of the tower which I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing. Posted by Hello

Another view through the trees. Posted by Hello

More of the tower. Posted by Hello

The entrance to the tower.... Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that "An upward view through the trees" view!