Friday, December 31, 2004

Best of 2004

These are my best photos from the past year. Some of them you might have seen already, others haven't found their way on the photoblog until now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Last years holiday flower show at Phipps. Photo taken on 1/4/04 Posted by Hello

The navity scene at the Carnegie last year. Again the photo was taken 1/4/04 Posted by Hello

A winter scene -- taken one block above my house on 2/2/04 Posted by Hello

The main window at Mary, Mother Of The Church in Charleroi - photo taken 2/29/04 Posted by Hello

One of the many shots of the Cathedral of Learning that I've captured this past year. Thi shot taken 3/21/04 Posted by Hello

Our extended family from left to right -- Dad, Father Pierre Sodini, Chery Zippay, Helen Ciotto, Ed Zippay and mom. Photo taken on Good Friday 2004 Posted by Hello

A spring view of the Cathedral of Learning from the gardens at Phipps Conservatory - Photo taken 4/15/2004 Posted by Hello

Cows that wanted their picture taken on Kennedy Rd in Fallowfield Twp - Photo taken 5/1/04 Posted by Hello

David Bowie --- The Benedum Center 5/17/2004 Posted by Hello

Jusin Hayward at the Tropicana 6/19/04 Posted by Hello

Outside Phipps Conservatory - 6/27/04 Posted by Hello

Me with Malcolm Gets - 7/2/04 (photo taken by my sister) Posted by Hello

Ohiopyle State Park - Photo taken 7/25/04 Posted by Hello

Always let sleeping children lie - Photo taken 8/9/04 Posted by Hello

Quack! - Photo taken at Round Hill Park 8/21/04 Posted by Hello

The Tropicana at Night - Photo taken 9/17/04 Posted by Hello

The crashing of the waves - Photo taken on 9/18/04 Posted by Hello

The chime tower at Longwood Gardens - Photo taken on 6/19/04 Posted by Hello

The Smithfield Street Bridge - Photo taken - 10/2/04 Posted by Hello

Station Square at dusk - photo taken 10/2/04 Posted by Hello

A fall view of the Cathedral of Learning - photo taken 10/16/04 Posted by Hello

The shops at the Waterfront during the day - photo taken 12/5/04 Posted by Hello

A night view of the Waterfront - Photo taken 12/5/04 Posted by Hello

The holiday lights at the Waterfront - 12/5/04 Posted by Hello

A holiday display at Phipps - Photo taken 12/12/04 Posted by Hello

Another holiday display at Phipps - 12/12/04 Posted by Hello

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