Monday, December 27, 2004

26 Things -- Christmas Hunt

I decided to play along with the photo scavenger hunt this time round.

1. Tree

One of the trees at Phipps Posted by Hello

2. Gift

Mmm Godiva Chocolate Posted by Hello

3. Family

From left to right Raymond, Dad, Michael, Grandma Posted by Hello

4. Thankful

Buddah is thankful he got to clean out part of the turkey pan. Posted by Hello

5. Season

A dreary winter's day. Posted by Hello

6. Music

My favorite holiday music. Posted by Hello

7. Tradition

Christmas dinner at our house. Posted by Hello

8. Meal

The Christmas Eve meal Posted by Hello

9. Day

Shopping during the afternoon at the Waterfront in Homestead. Posted by Hello

10. Night

Leave a light on for me. Posted by Hello

11. Vacation

My favorite place in the whole world. Posted by Hello

12. Light

Holiday lights Posted by Hello

13. Generosity

The best present ever. It's the right size and color! Posted by Hello

14. Always

Erasure's Always single from the UK and the US. Posted by Hello

15. Spirit

Go Steelers! Posted by Hello

16. Errand

The shopping list Posted by Hello

17. Arms

Gotta work those arms to shovel all that yummy holiday grub into your mouth. Posted by Hello

18. Stranger

I don't know these people Posted by Hello

19. Welcome

Santa's welcome Posted by Hello

20. Reach

Trying to get that spot just behind her ear. Posted by Hello

21. Bad For You

Double chocolate brownie from Panera Bread Posted by Hello

22. Heap

A sample of hot cocoa heaped with whipped cream and chocolate. Posted by Hello

23. Protection

Security milling about as Justin Hayward gets into the van. Posted by Hello

24. Fluffy

What a cute pooch, and he sings. Posted by Hello

25. Heat

The warmth of the candle Posted by Hello

26. Picture Perfect

Happy Holidays! Posted by Hello


Nat said...

What an absolutely lovely collection of holiday photos, Andrea!! Wonderful job, girl!! I'm still working on mine; will let you know when I'm done! Hope you're enjoying! =) ~Otto

Amelia said...

Great photo's. Christmas at your place looks like great fun! I was wondering whether you had any of the double chocolate brownie cake left??

Brandie said...

Wow, girl, that was amazing! Excellent pics all around. I'm very impressed! :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice job! Didn't know about this little photoblog of yours. I wanted to get in on this too, but my camera is in transit.

Ya done good.

Charlene aka Messygurl

Anonymous said...

Great set of pictures

Windy said...

Great pictures!