Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Day In Pittsburgh

My sister, her youngest son and I spent most of the day in Pittsburgh snapping pictures. Yes, we were at Phipps Conservatory and Station Square, so I'm sure you'll see some familiar things, such as the Smithfield St Bridge and The Hard Rock. I did manage to snap some different things today, because I was trying out my new camera.

The entrance to the conservatory. Posted by Hello

Pink orchids Posted by Hello

An odd looking orchid Posted by Hello

Of course we wandered away from Phipps.

St Paul's Cathedral in Oakland Posted by Hello

and we saw my favorite car

MINI! Posted by Hello

The pigeon on the Clinton Furnace at Station Square. Posted by Hello

Another view of the same pigeon Posted by Hello

This was taken from the other side of the river on the Smithfield St Bridge.  Posted by Hello

I think this is quite possibly the most beautiful bridge. Posted by Hello

And no post about Pittsburgh would be complete without a shot of this building.

The Cathedral of Learning!! Posted by Hello

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